Huntsville’s T-H Marine Supplies acquires Blue Water LED

T-H Marine Supplies has acquired Blue Water LED, a producer of LED light kits and components for recreation vehicles.

Jeff Huntley, president of Huntsville-based T-H Marine, made the announcement of the deal Monday.

“We are so excited to announce the acquisition of the Blue Water assets,” Huntley said. “We have long admired the quality of their products and the market share leader status they enjoyed in the aftermarket LED Light Kit market.

“The team at Blue Water have built a great company of super quality products, with a lifetime warranty,
and we are looking forward of taking their ‘vision’ to the next level.”

Blue Water designs, assembles, and sells a broad and unique line of LED light kits and lighting components for boats, kayaks, autos/trucks, trailers, ATVs/UTVs, golf carts, RVs, off-road vehicles, public safety vehicles, and
utility trucks.

Blue Water has also long been known as the pioneer and market leader in LED light kits for bass boats and
professional bass anglers.

“It’s been an awesome experience to grow our company and to meet so many of our customers and dealers,” Jeff Hillard, one of the original founders and president of Blue Water LED said. “Our faith-based company has operated on the principles of providing superior quality products, excellent customer service, and an unprecedented lifetime warranty.

“We have loved serving our loyal customers over the years and we are excited that even more customers will now have access to Blue Water products through an industry leader, T-H Marine. We know T-H Marine cares about quality, stands behind its products, and really cares for its customers, so it’s a great fit. We are proud to know they will nurture the line of Blue Water products into the future.”

T-H Marine is known as an industry leader in supplying LED lights to the boat manufacturers, Huntley said. “But Blue Water was the visionary in creating easy to buy, easy to understand, and easy to install LED light kits.”

“It is astonishing to me that Blue Water has been doing LED kits since 2005 – yes 13 years! – so they have an established and diverse dealer network in place across the U.S., and a customer base like no one else in the boating market. We look forward to continuing and growing all of those dealer relationships and establishing even more thru our wide distribution network, so that more dealers and do-it-yourself customers can really light up their boats.”

Huntley said that the Blue Water assets are being moved to T-H Marine headquarters in Huntsville, where future
assembly and shipping of the product will occur. There will be no disruption to Blue Water customers or suppliers, just more access to the products through more locations than ever. Blue Water LED products will be up and running as a T-H Marine brand in a matter of days.
“Quality brands and products like Blue Water are what we seek to add to our strong portfolio of brands,” Huntley said. “This is our fifth acquisition in the past five years along with many product license acquisitions. We love being known as the go-to company for launching and acquiring innovative brands and products . We have proven our ability to take great ideas, from inside our plant, from our boat building customers, from inventors, and from smaller
companies, and really blowing them up in the market. We have experienced compound annual growth of over 20% per year over the past 8 years and we are not planning to slow down.

“The acquisition of the Blue Water assets puts us into a clear market leadership position in aftermarket LED light kits that we looking forward to growing even more. This brand also gives us immediate access to several other markets outside of boats.”

T-H Marine is celebrating its 43 rd Anniversary of business and has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of boating and fishing accessories in the U.S.

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