Virtuoso Living to Build Three-story Clubhouse

A west Huntsville development is stepping up its game in the housing industry.

JCF Living, developers of Virtuoso Living, will build a three-story clubhouse – the first of  its kind in the Southeast. This state of the art building will be in addition to its current clubhouse. 

The clubhouse will feature an entertainment area, rooftop lounge, beautiful city views, a resort-style pool, a luxury fitness center, and a coffee bar.

The unique community considers its apartment units as “Housements” – the patented concept features one-story buildings with private driveways, curbside mailboxes and front and back yards, among others. The community includes a resort style pool, community activity center, and on-site maintenance. There are some 400 Housements planned for Virtuoso.

The community is on Rockcrest Drive, just off Capshaw Road near Providence Main Street and Research Park Boulevard.

“We are excited to work with Huntsville on this elaborate project,” said John Fitzmaurice, CEO of JCF Living. “Coming  into this, I knew Housements would be a game changer for the rental  industry, but I never could have anticipated the demand for more Housements at such a rapid rate.

“We want to build a rental community unlike any other, and I believe this is the catapult to move us forward.”

The new clubhouse will include three floors of activities. It will feature an entertainment  area, rooftop lounge, beautiful city views, a resort-style pool, a luxury  fitness center, and a coffee bar close to the leasing office. 

“Huntsville is an innovative city, and we’re honored to bring such an  innovative concept here,” Fitzmaurice said. “If we are going to make a long-term impact on  the rental industry as a whole, we need to keep moving forward. This is  just the beginning for us.”