Doing Business with NASA/MSFC

Partnerships are key to your business’s success, but did you know that they are key to NASA’s success as well? Opportunities at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) are rich and varied. The MSFC Office of Small Business Programs actively identifies, captures, and pursues new work for the Center, and is currently seeking new and budding small businesses whose missions align with the top priorities of the Agency.

Doing Business With NASA is a great opportunity to receive a NASA Agency Update and meet MSFC Prime Contractors. The event will include informal matchmaking with MSFC Primes, so come prepared with a one-page Capabilities Statement that clearly articulates what you do..

Those who attend will:

  • Learn more about specific ways to partner with NASA/MSFC
  • Become informed on future teaming opportunities
  • Build active relationships with potential business partners
  • Learn how to take advantage of underutilized small business initiatives
  • Receive an update on future solicitations and procurement opportunities
  • Hear what Prime Contractors are looking for in Subcontractors directly from the Primes

Find answers to your questions, solutions to your challenges, and align your company for future success.

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Contact: Joanne Randolph, (256) 428-8190