Stone Age Korean BBQ Opens at Times Plaza

Beef Bulgogi, spicy pork belly, lemon chicken, and Cajun shrimp — you’ll find all this and more at Times Plaza’s newest restaurant, Stone Age Korean BBQ. The eatery invites guests to sample unique Korean flavor while taking part in the cooking process. Best of all, it’s all-you-can-eat, so come with a big appetite.

Stone Age Korean BBQ’s setting has brightly colored booths, fun lighting fixtures, and giant television screens that showcase the latest Korean pop music videos.

“Stone Age offers a new kind of dining experience in Huntsville,” said General Manager Sung Rose. “Our food is incredible, the atmosphere is friendly and energetic, and we try to make each visit an unforgettable outing.”

Guests can choose from specially prepared beef, pork, chicken, and seafood (during dinner hours) that bring Korean cuisine to life. Diners cook each meat on a circular grill at the center of the table. While the meat is sizzling, servers bring the table as many sides as they can eat such as rice, kimchi, salad, Bibimbob, dumplings, ramen, and even french fries.

“We have had a wonderful response so far,” said Sung. “At the moment, our lunch crowds are bigger than the dinner crowds. But our dinner menu comes with more options, so we encourage everyone to try us out after work. Our restaurant is designed to deliver an experience, so be prepared to spend some time at the table savoring the different meats and sides.

“At 2 p.m., we stop serving lunch and go straight to dinner. If you join us then, we recommend trying the shrimp or filet mignon. There’s even spicy squid for our more adventurous eaters.”