Madison Crossings Addresses County’s Underserved Senior Living Options

MADISON — Elderly people are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population.

Construction is coming along on Madison Crossings. (Photo/Steve Babin)

In the Madison community alone, studies show the population growth among people 75 years and older is expected to grow 40 percent over the next five years.

The new Madison Crossings senior living community opening this summer is addressing the needs and expectations of this expanding demographic, and it is not just existing residents who will benefit.

With Madison County growth on an explosive upswing, families migrating to our area will bring extended families with aging loved ones as well.

According to Matt Coughenour of Kirco Senior Living, the company developing Madison Crossings, the new community will bring senior living options that today, are unavailable to seniors in this area.

“We are excited about the growth we see, but more importantly, we feel Madison is highly underserved in terms of existing senior living options,” said Coughenour. “The area’s demographics, amenities, and economic growth make Madison a great new market for us, and from a macro perspective, Huntsville presents a strong opportunity because it is the fastest growing MSA in Alabama.

Madison Crossings is slated to open this summer.

“Currently, with the Mazda Toyota plant on track to bring 4,000 jobs to the surrounding area, that could create further unmet demand. It is common for adult children to want Mom and Dad close to their home and work, so for anyone that chooses to move their aging family member with them, Madison Crossings will provide a fantastic environment that is nearby, offers outstanding care, market-leading amenities, an abundance of natural light, and diverse programming and activities.”

Madison Crossings, which is on County Line Road, will feature 105 independent living apartments, which are typically targeted toward younger, more independent seniors who are seeking an active and social resort-style environment.

It will also have 27 Memory Care apartments designed for those diagnosed with varying degrees of memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease. That section of the neighborhood will offer higher levels of care.

Jesse Marinko, founder and CEO of Phoenix Senior Living, the company that will be managing the facility, said the average resident will be in their 70s to 80s.

“Because of the clientele in Madison, we will offer a nurturing, individualized environment,” Marinko said. “Our spectrum will start with a senior who still works part-time, still drives and comes and goes freely, who still enjoys a diverse dining experience, enjoys engaging with others and is still looking for socialization.

A huge lobby features a piano and plenty of room for parties.

“Many of our residents will be married couples who have downsized; maybe one spouse needs some support while the other is completely independent.

“Then there is the resident who is experiencing some memory loss or has been diagnosed with some form of dementia. We have an extensively trained staff in the memory care neighborhood who can assist residents with medication management, and the activities of daily living.”

Marinko and Coughenour said Madison Crossings is designed to help with navigation, minimize fall risks, encourage socialization, and ensure residents feel safe and comfortable.

“Madison Crossings’ independent living residents can live in their unit and receive homecare within our community, which is the same thing they get in an assisted living community,” said Marinko.

The location, adjacent to James Clemons High School, is also a strategic move.

“We purchased the land before we knew the Mazda Toyota plant was coming, but certainly it will be a benefit for the project,” said Marinko. “But being located adjacent to James Clemons High School presents some unique intergenerational programming opportunities for us as well.”

A study conducted by the Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education at Penn State University shows that in the past 20 years, there has been a growing gap between young people, age 21 and younger, and elderly people, age 60 and older in terms of living arrangements and recreational outlets.

This breach isolates older people from other age groups leaving children and young adults without meaningful relationships with senior adults and is linked to a decline in life satisfaction among older people, and an increase in negative stereotypes toward the aging among young people.

“Intergenerational programming” involves activities or programs that increase cooperation, interaction, or exchange between any two generations, as defined by the National Council on the Aging.

“By partnering with local school systems, we can help better educate students and young people on seniors and getting them familiar with and comfortable with the aging process. It means a lot to the seniors, and to children,” Marinko said.

“You also have Town Madison with Toyota Field just three miles from our site. That will present additional programming opportunities like taking residents to see minor league baseball games.

“We often say that when you bring kids into a senior neighborhood, it is like shooting oxygen into the veins, and brings life to everybody within the community. Our residents benefit from the interaction with young people.”

Madison Crossings will officially open this summer and any formal ribbon-cuttings and open house events depend on the status of the coronavirus at that time.

“We have hired an on-property Community Engagement Director, Lila King who is reporting a strong level of initial interest about the community, which we are excited about,” said Coughenour. “We have a sales office with model rooms built out with finishes from the actual project and Lila is reporting we have already reserved numerous apartments and have deposits on those units.”

Coughenour describes Madison Crossings as a resort community lifestyle designed to promote social interaction and activity for the residents.

“That includes an outdoor amenity space including a courtyard with outdooring dining, a pool and lounge area, a fireplace and grilling area, covered seating, a bocce ball court, pickleball court and walking paths.”

He said the interior of the building will feature an abundance of natural light, multiple restaurant-style dining venues, a pub, an intergenerational room with games for children and grandchildren, state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center, a full-service salon and spa, and a movie theater.

The property will offer a doctor’s office on the property where physicians can visit patients without them having to leave the property, and where they can conduct telehealth services.

“The entire property is wireless, and we offer an open-source platform so doctors and nurses can conduct telehealth services in whatever format they prefer be it Doctor on Demand, Zoom, Facetime or something else.,” said Marinko.

“First and foremost, Phoenix Senior Living is one of the best operators in the country and will provide unparalleled care and service to our residents,” said Coughenour. “Through partnerships and outreach, Madison Crossings intends to become part of the very fabric of the local community.”