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Looking back on a great year for local business

According to Inc. magazine, tech companies are feeling the pressure of rising costs in large coastal cities. Businesses and residents are leaving in search of opportunities in less expensive areas. This is great news for Huntsville which, in 2018, saw new companies planting seeds, older companies deepening their roots, infrastructure branching outward, and the quality […]

Huntsville’s Business Environment Embraces Veterans

Huntsville is a well-known destination for retiring veterans who want to do business with the government. In 1992, Rosalyn Thompson-Blackwell and Roderick Herron met during 14 weeks of Officer’s Training at Fort Benning, Ga. Thompson-Blackwell, president and CEO of Huntsville’s Mb Solutions, had worked as a project manager and acquisitions officer in the Army, stationed in […]

Oh, the Horror! Cashing in on the Business of Zombies, Superheroes and Mystical Creatures

  Americans will not just wander around with their arms or heads slashed open for fun this Halloween, but they will gash their wallets wide open in search of the perfect frightfest. According to 2017 National Retail Federation (NRF) statistics, more than 179 million Americans will participate in Halloween activities this year. Thirty-five percent will […]

Successful Brands and Logos Stand Up and Say ‘Yay!’

In 2700 B.C., the ancient Egyptians painted images on the temple walls of livestock being rounded up and branded with the Pharaoh’s cartouche using a hot iron to sear it into the flesh. It was the first known example of a logo being used to permanently and unabashedly identify ownership and send a powerful message […]