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COVID-19 Continues to Impact High School Football Games

Florence High School’s football team received a forfeit more than a week ago when Bob Jones pulled out of two games in the wake of nine players testing positive for the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The Falcons have since returned the favor to the Patriots’ crosstown Madison rival James Clemens. Florence forfeited Friday’s game to Brentwood […]

Dr. Birx Urges State to Extend Mask Mandate

The statewide mask mandate issued by Gov. Kay Ivey is set to expire Friday. Not so fast, if White House advisor Dr. Deborah Birx’s comments in Auburn this past week reached Montgomery. During a Thursday visit to Auburn University, the doctor said Ivey’s mandate should be extended.  “If you look at what happened within two […]

Flu Season Could Impact Health Care Resources in Wake of Pandemic

The impending flu season could strain an already stretched health care system. At last week’s COVID-19 update, Huntsville Hospital CEO David Spillers said the flu season could impact the pressures put on the area’s healthcare system. “I do want to encourage everybody to start thinking about getting your flu shot,’’ he said. “Those will be […]

COVID-19 Causes Two High School Football Teams to Forfeit Games

Madison County officials announced last Wednesday a two-week trendline for the coronavirus had remained flat for the past month with around 40 new positive tests per week. The announcement was made at the latest COVID-19 news briefing. Two days later, the coronavirus splashed back into local headlines with Madison City Schools Superintendent Ed Nichols announcing […]

Coronavirus Numbers Trending Downward but Flu Season Looms on the Horizon

Positive news has been the constant for recent COVID-19 press conferences at the Huntsville City Council chambers. Nothing changed Friday as Dr. Karen Landers of the Alabama Department of Public Health and Madison County Commission Chair Dale Strong produced statistics that suggest the novel coronavirus is trending downward, not just in the county but throughout […]